Access Control Services

Access control systems allow and restrict access to a property, building, or room. An electronically powered form of security, almost anyone or any industry can benefit from access control services. Schools, healthcare facilities, government agencies, residential homes, and businesses can use access control to increase security and create a safe environment.

Protect property, people, and data with sophisticated access control systems. RCI Services has a team of access control electricians who can help you set up a commercial-grade access control system. Choose who has access to your home and business facilities to secure your property and gain peace of mind.
The automated nature of access control systems provides 24/7 protection along with 24/7 access.

Take control of all entry and exit points of your home and commercial space. Contact our team today to hire an electrician.

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Why Invest in Access Control Systems?

One of the main reasons organisations choose access control systems over the traditional lock and key is the enhanced level of security that prevent unauthorised individuals from gaining access to important assets. Access control also allows businesses to comply with regulations and security standards and maintain policies to ensure safe and effective operations. Access control systems reduce internal theft by monitoring entry and exit points and provision of evidence when incidents of internal theft occur.

The same goes for modern multi-family and residential homes. An electronic locking solution improves security with a seamless connection to home applications, smart devices, and security platforms. With access control security, homeowners and businesses can save on locks and security personnel, saving money and energy.

Access control systems can also be integrated with lighting, heating, and cooling system. Lights automatically turn on when people are in a room and shut off when they leave. You can also adjust temperatures when no one is in the room, reducing energy costs. At RCI Services, we can help you create a better and integrated experience for you, your staff, and residents by providing seamless access and enhanced security.

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